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Introducing Man Up Campaign Delegates Youth Leaders Summit South Africa 2010 at the World Cup.

James, Merci, Ebrima, Fatoumatah, Mo, Sally, Theory, Pru, and JL are just a few of the delegates to our Summit almost 10 years ago in just this list we include Uganda, Liberia, The Gambia, Sierra Leone, Ghana, Burundi and the DRC. . There impact and lives were changed by this experience. These young leaders with their mixed-gender teams absorbed information and built a network of friends and information to carry their proposed projects and attended the Summit in Johannesburg South Africa. Their project used sports, music, and technology to increase engagement and to convey lessons in gender experientially.

Some of the delegates have an impact such as James of 75000 youth a year using the gender lens. The project varies from advocacy to development creating gender equality, inclusion and opportunity for youth providing a foundation for the prevention of gender violence. These young leaders contribute in a lifelong manner to their countries to fulfilling the 2030 SDGs especially advancement in goal 5. All SDG the goals are accelerated by working on this cross-cutting goal.